Who is RAAK

Who We Are and What Do We Do


Recreational Aviation Association of Kenya has been formed by likeminded individual enthusiast and specialist to promote, support and administer Recreational Aviation in Kenya. Our objective being to spread knowledge, improve safety and greatly reduce costs for recreational aviators

With the help, recognition and co-operation of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority we have in place systems for recreational aviators to build, restore, maintain and operate the following classes of aircraft and aerial activities:



Paramotor (Foot Launched)

Paramotor (Wheeled)

Weight Shift Gliders (Hang Gliders)

Gliding (Including Self Launch and Self-Sustaining Motor Gliders)

Ultralight Aircraft (Construction and Flying)

Light Sport Aircraft (Construction and Flying)

Non-Type Certified Aircraft (Construction and Flying)

Gyrocopters & Helicopters (Construction and Flying)

Experimental Aircraft